Keller Introduces ThermoFit ™ Flexible Bite Guards

Jul 09, 2008 -

Many patients don't wear their inter-occlusal appliances because they are uncomfortable. Now, new advances in materials have allowed for more comfortable specialty guards that patients will actually wear.

Exclusively from Keller Laboratory, ThermoFit TM is made with a patented composite material that offers a comfortable, customized fit without bulk and staining.

ThermoFit is uniquely self adjusting. It softens slightly in warm water allowing the guard to conform more readily to contours. Immersing ThermoFit in hot tap water for one to two minutes will allow final customization for the patient's optimum comfort. When distorted, it returns to the processed state, thus maintaining fit integrity. It offers frictional resistance by engaging the buccal and lingual interproximal spaces and the contours of the teeth giving the patient a perfect fit. Although ThermoFit is adaptable and comfortable, it remains hard and durable enough for the active nocturnal bruxer. It is the ideal solution for patients who require both strength and comfort.

ThermoFit is also a great full coverage choice for reducing chair time. It is quick and easy to fit chair side with few adjustments, if any.  

The reason ThermoFit will not stain is because it is Amine free. It will maintain its transparency and not yellow with age. Futhermore, it's hypoallergenic, containing no Monomer or Bisphenol A.

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