Benefits and Compensation

Full Time Team Members

The following benefits are offered on the beginning of the pay period in which you reach your 30th day of employment. At that time, you will be eligible for the following:

*Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Free and confidential counseling for you and your immediate family members – no charge.

*Life Insurance

Keller pays for term life insurance at one and one-half times your annual salary rounded up to the next thousand dollars. Team members may also purchase additional life coverage for themselves, spouse, and children.

*Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Same as life incurance.

*Dental Insurance

A choice of two levels of coverage. Team members contribute a percentage of the cost.

*Health Insurance

A choice of two plans: A standard PPO plan or a high-deductible PPO plan. Team members contribute a percentage of the cost of the premiums. Team members who elect the high-deductible plan participate in a Health Savings Account (HSA), to which Keller makes a contribution to help pay a portion of the deductible amount. Team members may make additional pre-tax contributions to the HSA, subject to annual IRS limits.

*Flexible Spending Accounts

All team members are eligible to participate in flexible spending plans which offer tax savings on dependent care and medical expenses not covered by insurance.

*Disability Coverage

Keller covers all full time team members with short term and long term disability plans at no charge. Team members may purchase additional long term disability coverage through this plan.

401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

After completing sixty days of employment months with the company and reaching 20-½ years of age, team members are eligible to enroll in the 401(k) plan. The team member may select any amount to be deducted pre-tax for deposit into their 401(k) account, not to exceed the federal government's annual maximum contribution. Keller will match 50% of the first 5% of the team member's contribution.

Time Off

During the first year of employment, all company holidays will be paid once the team member completes 30 days of employment.  Part-time team members holiday pay will be prorated. After completing one year of employment, team members are eligible for vacation hours. Sick time starts accruing right away.

*Credit Union

All Keller Team Members are eligible for membership in a local credit union. Membership offers full banking services and access to low cost loans.

*Availability of Voluntary Group Coverage at Team Member Expense

Full time and part time team members may purchase accident insurance, critical illness insurance, and/or short term disability coverage for themselves and family members.

*College Tuition Savings Plan

Team members who choose to enroll in tax-sheltered savings plans for college education may do so through payroll deduction. In Missouri, the MOST program is available. In Kentucky, the KESPT program is available. 

Tuition Reimbursement

Once you have completed one year of employment, you will be eligible for up to $2500 annually in tuition reimbursement for courses taken in a degree or certificate program that is job-related.



Keller's technicians are compensated through a unique system based upon their performance. Starting rates of pay for St. Louis  and  Louisville is $10/hour. A new technician trainee will be paid the starting rate of pay during his/her entire training process. The training timeline will be determined based upon the initial talents and skills of the individual. At Keller we will be teaching these individuals a new trade, one we hope will develop into a nicely compensated living; however, the initial months of training are focused on learning processes, tools and protocols essential for quality work and meeting customers' expectations. All new hires must be willing to study, practice and give themselves time to develop a true understanding of these processes. It will be a challenge. Is that what you seek in your professional life?

Once an individual has completed their initial study and training, he/she is paid through our performance compensation system. Every function that is performed in the laboratory has a value assessed to it. Each time an individual completes that function, he/she is given credit for that function. At the end of an eight week period, the total value is added up for all the functions performed and that value is divided by the total number of production hours in the eight week period that the person worked. That, then, is the hourly rate for which the individual will be paid in the following eight week time frame. (Keller provides weekly reports for each team member so they will know how they did the previous week.) Rates of pay change six times a year.

We do not allow quality to be sacrificed for quantity. Our internal quality assurance process will return substandard work to the technician who originally worked on the product to correct what was not done right the first time. This practice insures focus on work and consistency of the processes used.

New technicians must understand that the training timeline will be contingent upon their individual progress. Therefore, we tell all applicants considering a career with Keller they must be comfortable making the training rate and paying their bills during this timeframe. Keller's initial efforts are to train new technicians to be producing at their training rate. It is then our expectation to work with these techs and help them develop their skills and competencies to continually match or surpass this rate on a consistent basis. Increased rates of pay are a good thing at Keller. Higher technician compensation is a sign that we are producing a higher quality product for our customers, which is a positive for everyone. While we can not guarantee the exact rate of pay for our dental technicians as this unique compensation program is influenced by each individual’s capabilities, we do have production expectations for all technicians. Technicians who have been employed for at least one year, have completed their training plan, and who are actively paid through the performance compensation system are expected to consistently produce at a minimum rate of pay of $10/hour at the conclusion of each calculation period.

We recognize this is a non-traditional method of compensation. If it is not applicable for you or your lifestyle, we understand. It is not and cannot be right for everyone. However, we have found that individuals who are self-motivated, have a great aptitude for this type of work and like to have greater control over their income are very pleased with the system.

We chose to discuss this system in our website introduction so that potential applicants understand and know how we work as they consider a career change that might include Keller. We believe the importance of being honest with you is essential to a mutually beneficial relationship.