Practice Tools

Keller Laboratories offers practice tools to assist you in providing better care and services for your patients. Click here to order any of the items on this page.

NTI-tss Plus
Free NTI-tss Plus™ Patient Education Kit: Includes 1 NTI-tss Plus Sample, 25 Protection Patient Brochures, 5 Migraine Prevention Brochures
Free NTI-tss Plus Design Chart: click here to view the Design Chart
TMJ Triangle: $9.99
Leaf Gauge: $18.60


Crowns & Bridges

Free Crown and Bridge Information Kit: Includes all Keller crown and bridge information.


      Valplast Logo

Free Flexible Partial Options Information Kit: Includes DuraFlex™ and Valplast® information and patient brochures.


Oral Appliance Therapy

Free TAP and EMA Patient Brochures


Sonic Cleaners: $6.49 with case, $12.95 without case

Cut-Trol: $23.66 (3 bottle minimum)


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