Crystal Clear®

Protects Smiles

Deliver long-lasting protection to your patients. Available only from Keller, injection-molded Crystal Clear® provides a precise fit with exceptional strength. The non-porous surface won’t absorb stains or odors. Keller’s Crystal Clear bite guards are made with our proprietary technology using Clear 450®, a high heat pressure-injection material.



  • Strength and Stability: Made with Clear 450, Crystal Clear’s high flexural strength and hard smooth surface prevent patient wear and breakage.
  • Longer Wear: Crystal Clear lasts 3 times longer than acrylic bite guards
  • Hygienic / Non-Allergenic: With no porosity and absorption rate of nearly zero, Crystal Clear guards resist stain and odor and are easily maintained with brushing.


  • Prevent damage from parafunction
  • Protect restorations
  • Diagnose occlusal concerns


  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Mobile teeth

What To Send

  • Full arch upper and lower models or impressions
  • Open bite with 2mm clearance in posteriors

Clear 450™ Advantages

  • No Process Shrinkage – adjustment free insertion
  • Maintains Surface Integrity – no discoloration, no odor absorption
  • High Strength Reduces Bulk & Fracture – increases patient satisfaction

Design Features

  • Flat occlusal plane for equal a simultaneous bilateral contact.
  • Minimal thickness and vertical opening for patient comfort.
  • Thin lingual contour for patient comfort.
  • Canine disclusion in working movements to prevent working and balancing interference.

*Please note: Keller Laboratories certifies that Clear 450® does not contain Bisphenol-A.

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