Comfortable Protection Against Clenching and Grinding

Composed of a unique composite material, ThermoFit™ is thinner than a traditional hard/soft guard, but durable enough for the active nocturnal bruxer. ThermoFit becomes flexible under hot water, making it easier to insert and more comfortable to wear. When the material cools to intraoral temperature it becomes hard enough to protect your patients’ teeth and restorations.



  • Requires few, if any adjustments
  • Fast seating time
  • Less bulk
  • Hygienic/hypo-allergenic
  • Amine Free


  • Prevent damage from parafunction
  • Protect restorations
  • Diagnose occlusal concerns


  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Mobile teeth

What To Send

  • Full arch upper and lower models or PVS impressions (we recommend Position™ Penta™ from 3M)
  • Open bite with 2mm clearance in posteriors

Hot Tip

ThermoFit softens slightly in warm water so it conforms more readily to tooth contours. Immediately prior to insertion, immerse the ThermoFit in hot tap water for one to two minutes. This simple step will allow final customization for the patient’s optimum comfort. It offers frictional resistance by engaging the buccal and lingual interproximal spaces and the contours of the teeth giving the patient a perfect fit. When distorted, it returns to the processed state, maintaining the integrity of the fit.

*Please note: Keller Laboratories certifies that ThermoFit does not contain Bisphenol-A.

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