Keller is proud to be an Advanced Certified Captek Laboratory. Our expertise with Captek™ will bring your office and patients tremendous benefits.

The secret of Captek’s success is the advanced “Capillary Casting Technology” used to produce the gold coping for Captek crowns and bridges. Captek has also developed the “Nano” enhancement material to increase the strength of Captek bridges.

With Captek from Keller you get better health, better esthetics and better price.





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Captek Advantages

  • Excellent estheticsPositive gingival response
  • Eliminates black or gray margins
  • Fast turnaround time

Captek Indications

  • Crowns
  • 3 unit bridges

Captek Contraindications

  • Cantilever pontics

What to Send

  • Upper and lower models or impressions
  • Shade
  • Bite registration


  • The advanced gold coping material is proven to reduce the accumulation of harmful bacteria at the gum line by 90% compared to natural tooth structure.*


  • The infusion of platinum and palladium into gold produces an extremely dense and strong coping.
  • Extreme bond strength between the porcelain and Captek gold reduces fractures.


  • Captek gold does not oxidize, eliminating the black or gray margins of traditional PFMs.
  • The warm gold color of Captek’s understructure used to produce the gold copings provides natural light dispersion.

Why Pressed Ceramic?

Pressed ceramic technology produces consistent precise crowns by eliminating shrinkage, porosity and the inconsistency of brush build-ups.

Defined Anatomy With Occlusal Accuracy And Precise Contacts

  • Because there is no porosity or shrinkage, your case can be idealized in wax, then duplicated in pressed ceramics. No need for porcelain additions, corrections or repairs.
Precision wax-up duplicated in ceramic

Precision wax-up duplicated in ceramic

Shade Vitality And Consistency

  • Pre-blended ingots (70% dentin shade, 30% enamel translucency) provide natural looking depth of translucency and color.

Consistent pre-blended ceramic ingots

Increase Strength

  • Closed system of continuous pressure “pressing” eliminates porosity and impurities, providing a denser, stronger crown with a flawless surface.

Ingot being pressed

Surface Intregrity

  • Pressed technology eliminates porcelain shrinkage and porosity, making a smoother and stronger surface that is less abrasive to opposing natural dentition.

Fast And On-Time

  • Only 5 days in the lab for Captek.

Case Communication

  • Technical contact improves results.

60 Years Experience

  • Dependable, capable and committed to your success.
  • Advanced Certified Captek Lab

The Pressed to Captek Process:

  • Produce Captek coping
  • Wax ideal crown contour and occlusion directly to Captek coping
  • Invest and burn-out wax pattern
  • Select pre-blended ceramic ingot
  • Press melted ceramic ingot into mold
  • Devest, finish, stain and glaze

Reduce Chairside Adjustments With Pressed to Captek Process

Improved Coping Fit and Accurate Porcelain Occlusion

Dentists report fewer internal fit adjustments with Captek when compared to cast PFM’s. The direct infiltration process used to produce a Captek coping replaces inaccurate metal casting and prevents the die abrasion caused by metal fitting and finishing. For you that means no more grinding inside a metal coping to fit the prep.

Captek crowns may eliminate common internal coping adjustments, but once seated, crowns often require porcelain adjustments to contacts and occlusion. Pressed ceramics minimize these chairside adjustments.

Pressed ceramic processing begins with “ideal” contours, contacts, and occlusion in wax. The “idealized” wax-up is duplicated in ceramic. By “pressing” molten ceramics under continuous pressure, this technology prevents porcelain shrinkage and eliminates porosity. Technicians make few if any adjustments, additions, or repairs to “fix” the new crown.

Pressed ceramic technology minimizes chairside adjustments to occlusion and contacts.

Brushed Porcelain Vs Pressed Ceramic

Artistic Freedom vs Artistic Control

Traditional brush build-ups incorporate moisture, air and other impurities into porcelain. While providing for “artistic freedom,” this technique also causes porcelain shrinkage, porosity, and pits. The firing necessary to “repair” these defects will often cause shade shifts and change crown contours resulting in more adjustments and firings.

Pressed ceramics allows precise, artistic control of contacts, contours and occlusion in wax. In a closed, continuous pressure system, the pre-blended ceramic ingot is melted and “pressed” on to the Captek coping. No impurities. No shrinkage. No Porosity. The result: a strong, esthetic Captek crown that seats with minimal chairside adjustment.

Blended Esthetics And Shade Accuracy

Depth of Color – Depth of Translucency
to reproduce the internal color and translucency of teeth, we use a blended ceramic ingot. (30% translucent and 70% colored dentin). When pressed to the gold Captek coping, this ceramic layer beautifully replicates nature by creating a depth of translucency and color within the crown.By eliminating powder-brush build-ups and hand mixing of porcelain powders, crown to crown, and case to case, shade accuracy and consistency improve.

* Goodson M, Shoher I, Imber S, Som S. Captek™ alloy reduces dental plaque accumulation. Journal of Dental Research 1999, 78 (special issue):138

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