An esthetic solution for anterior and posterior temporization, k-temps™, provide many weeks of comfortable and confident wear. Keller’s k-temps are ideal for esthetic and implant cases, especially when correct anterior guidance and phonetics are being established.

k-temp Advantages

  • Natural Esthetics: The k-temp system offers natural looking, semi-translucent crowns.
  • Easy Placement: Reduce chair time and frustration, improve patient satisfaction and reduce emergency visits for broken temporaries or esthetic concerns.
  • Predictable Strength: High transverse strength of the BIS-Acrylic makes it ideal for anterior or posterior use.

k-temp Indications

  • Anterior Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Inlays and Onlays
  • Bridges

What To Send

  • Upper and lower models or impressions
  • Shade
  • Bite registration

For Cosmetic Reconstructions, Including Veneers

  • Instead of lab processed k-temps, we highly recommend using our Wax Case Presentation with Transfer Matrix Service. See our Blueprint for Success for more details.



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