Dentures & Partials


Flexible thermoplastic that is esthetic, metal-free and is clinically unbreakable.

DuraFlex™ Boomer Bridge

Esthetic and comfortable and great for temporary replacement.


Designed like a traditional cast metal partial but the denture acrylic is built on a clear nylon framework in place of a chrome cobalt partial.


Clinically proven for over 50 years.


No Surprises, Package Pricing. All Keller dentures are fabricated with Premium Ivocap Processing.

Partial Metal Framework

Keller offers both traditional and hidden clasp partials so you can provide your patients with the best options in function and comfort.

Keller Sonic Cleaners

Keller Sonic Cleaners make all removable products sparkle. Click the button below to order customized Sonic Cleaners for your patients.