Keller_ClearFrame-2ClearFrame® is designed like a traditional cast metal partial but the denture acrylic is built on a clear nylon framework in place of a chrome cobalt partial. The frame and clasps are semi-rigid and transparent. Rest seats provide the partial with the vertical stability doctors desire without compromising the lifelike esthetics that today’s patients prefer. ClearFrame is indicated for nearly all partial applications. Patients will appreciate the precise fit, comfortable function and metal free esthetics.





  • Metal free esthetics and increased patient comfort
  • Vertical stability with occlusal stops
  • Can reline, repair and polish acrylic saddles chairside
  • Less expensive than traditional metal partials
  • Hygienic, will not absorb stains or odors.
  • No Metal Taste


  • Most Cast Partial indications
  • Long and free end saddles
  • Flat Ridge
  • Few Remaining Teeth


  • Class II or Class III mobile teeth
  • Short clinical length or lack of adequate undercut
  • Acrylic allergies

Material Properties

ClearFrame is made from a state-of-the-art injection-molded nylon material that is strong and non porous yet is easy to adjust and re-polish. The clasps work in the same manner as on a metal framework, engaging undercut on the buccal or labial of the patient’s teeth. The partial does not contain Bisphenol A.

The ADA codes for the ClearFrame are: D5225 maxillary and D5226 mandibular.

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