Keller’s Premium Denture Services


Conventional Dentures

  • Set-Ups
  • Processing
  • Ivocap Process Standard
  • Repairs
  • Reline-Medisoft®
  • Reproduce

Medisoft Reline

Medisoft is a silicone-based denture liner system suitable for relining existing dentures. It has superior durability and excellent bond strength.

Safety Denture

Nobody wants to be without his or her teeth, but when you wear dentures it can’t be avoided. You can save your patients embarrassment and inconvenience by fitting them with a Safety Denture. A Safety Denture is an inexpensive duplicate of the original denture made for temporary use. The teeth are made in tooth shade acrylic and then processed with High Impact acrylic. Original Dentures need to be in lab for one working day to invest and match shade.

Keller Sonic Cleaners

Keller Sonic Cleaners make all removable products sparkle. Click the button below to order customized Sonic Cleaners for your patients.