NTI-tss Plus™ Soft

Is Easy as 1, 2, 3

The NTI-tss Plus Soft is a custom fit NTI-tss Plus device fabricated using Keller’s hard/soft thermo-formed material with a Clear 450® Discluding Element (DE) affixed. The hard/soft material makes the NTI-tss Plus Soft easy to deliver and provides maximum patient comfort. The Crystal Clear DE will ensure the appliance can withstand the wear from even the most intense parafunctional habits.

Extended Length

The NTI-tss Plus Soft is extended to the 2nd bicuspids for greater retention. (The traditional lab-fabricated NTI-tss Plus only covers the centrals and laterals.)


  • Easy to deliver
  • Increased comfort
  • High patient compliance
  • Less pressure on anterior restorations or comprised natural dentition


  • Extreme crowding
  • Worn restorations or natural dentition
  • Slightly mobile teeth
  • Sensitive teeth

What To Send

  • Full arch die stone models or VPS impressions
  • Maximum protrusive measurement



Suggested Insurance Codes

All plans are different so coverage varies. In general the same insurance codes for splints, TMJ appliances, habit appliances all apply to the NTI-tss Plus Soft. Some usefule codes:
D 7880 Occlusal Orthotic Device, by report
D 9940 Occlusal Guard, by report
D 8210 Removable Habit Appliance
For Medical Sumbmission: CPT 21110-52 Interdental Fixation Device/D 7880 Orthotic Appliance

NTI-tss Plus Soft is Bisphenol A Free

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