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The Keller team is focused on making your life easier by providing esthetic and functional restorations and offering friendly and timely customer service, all at a remarkable value.  Located in St. Louis MO, Keller has been helping dentists since 1948, with a complete line of products, including crowns, bridges, implants, partials, dentures as well as parafunction, sleep apnea and anti-snoring appliances.  To keep your practice current, we have embraced the digital revolution in dentistry, incorporating CAD/CAM, milling and 3D printing technology, processing digital impressions and fabricating model-less crowns and bridges.  Most importantly, we have great people, who are dedicated to improving their technical skills and ensuring your experience with Keller is always rewarding for you and your patients.

News & Updates

Keller Custom Crown

Our Dental Technicians at Keller are truly artisans, this BruxZir crown was custom painted with the Harley Davidson Bar and Shield!     read more

Keller Donates Case to Improve Smile

Keller recently donated a partial case to a patient from Nashville, TN to help improve her smile and well-being. The patient presented to the office with multiple areas of pain, broken teeth, infection and decay. It had been 20 years since her last dental visit and... read more